Openvpn "hanshake failed"

  • Hi all,
    my name's Paolo and I'm new in this forum.

    Recently I installed pfsense, and I think it is a fantastic software, I tried to set openvn and I read a documentations about the configuration but when I try to connect on it  I receive an error message that I can't connect, "handshake  failed "

    Could you help me to fix this issue ?

    Any help is appreciated

    Many tks in adv for your collaboration


  • Welcome to pfSense.

    The fact that you get "handshake failed" means the client is at least trying to connect which is a good sign.

    In order to help you with your setup, we'll need more information about your setup:

    What type of OpenVPN connection are you using - site to site or remote access ?
    What type of authentication are you using - PKI, PKI + Auth, Shared Key?

    What device is trying to connect as a client?

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