Cannot start

  • i'm having a problem on the installation of version 2.2.4 (32bits). the installation is finished but after rebooting, it hangs during de lan interface configuration.

    i have installed pfsense on a vmware 5.0, I added two network cards to de pfsense virtual machine.

    can anyone help me please???  :-[

    thank you very much!!!

  • can anyone help me please???  :-[[/quote]

    Esxi 5.0 is old and does not support FreeBSD 10.  You should try under either 5.5 with latest update, or 6.0.  Why are you running i386??  It will soon be deprecated.  Use the x64 build instead.

  • I tried on a ESXi 5.5 and I have exactly the same problem.  :-\

  • If you have nothing to answer DHCP request on WAN interface, it will take a minute or two to clear that stage; how long are you waiting?

  • 5.5 with Update 3a?  Are you using E1000 or VMXNET3 NICs?

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