Pinging across the VPN, how to?

  • I've got a site-to-site shared key VPN setup between two offices. From office a ( to office b ( I can ping from office a (pfsense box) and it replies to pings fine. If I try to ping (wifi ap) it will not respond to pings. However I can go to office b and ping it from anything on the network, even office b's pfsense ping test itself.

    I've set a firewall rule under the openvpn tab of both pfsense boxes to allow all traffic. What else could I be missing to make this happen?

    Also is there a good tutorial on how to get SMB traffic to work over open vpn? I've done it once a long time ago, but I do not remember how these days.


    What's weird is the ap of course has a static ip, but anything that has a dynamic ip, will respond to a ping. I've added the ap to the static ip list under dhcp server and that didn't seem to make a difference. Ideas?

  • Maybe you wifi ap doesn't respond to ping form foreign subnets?
    You can check this with pfSense at site b by changing the pings source IP to openvpn or anything else.

  • fill in a gateway in the AP's settings.

    if you are using a home-router as AP, then you most likely can not fill in a gateway for its lan-interface  :(

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