Context based Switching

  • Hi
        I have a load balancing setup as mentioned below.

    Server 1 :
    Server 2 :
    Load Bal : 158.xx.xx.xx

    Now i have a requirement in which a particular context of the URL should be forwarded to server 1 and not to server 2.Let's say the traffic can hit both the servers. But;board=3.0 should be forwarded to

    server 1 alone.

    I have installed HAProxy in PFSense.Can this be achieved through HAProxy in pfsense particularly from GUI Mode or is there any possibility to achieve this kind of context based switching?

    Need your suggestions please.

  • Hi Sai Ravi,

    If you only want to use the gui options, then probably defining 2 backends, where the second backend only has one server could be an option.. Then create a second 'shared frontend' and give it an acl like 'path starts with: /index.php'.

    That said, you could probably easier to write it into advanced option in the backend something like this:

    use-server server1 if { path_beg -i /index.php }


    With the new changes comming in package version 0.33 it should be easier to do with gui options only.. 'use-server' is not yet in there though..

    Hope it helps, regards,

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