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    I have a captive portal setup and we only want users to reauth every so often. Now that works fine, however, reboot the box and the clients have to reauth.

    I originally tried just using MAC passthrough automatically for the users, though it was very slow and people were waiting in excess of a couple of minutes for the captive portal page to show.

    After a failure, I took all of the MAC addresses that were in the database and put them into the config. I have around 8000 in the config file as passthrough MACs and they work fine, though putting the rest that are in the database gives me:

    need a pipe/flowset/sched number

    The number of MAC addresses that I need to persist will consistently be above 60,000. Is there a limit like 65,536 number of passthrough MACs that can be put into the config.

    I am running 2.2.4 currently.

    If MAC passthrough isn't going to work, is there any way that the captive portal database (DHCP is all good as that file just grows and grows) can persist between reboots, or is there a way that I can back it up and copy it back after a reboot?

    If that's not the answer, could RADIUS be the answer in some way? Essentially, I only get people to enter their email address, that's it.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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