Pfsense 2.2.4 + Squid 3 Access_log Format

  • Hi @ all,

    how can i edit the access_log format and add new fields?

    We provide a WLAN for our guests using the pfsense captive Portal voucher and username/password features.
    By default, the squid access_log gives me some IP Addresses and Timestamps like this:

    1446105468.251    20 TCP_MISS/204 477 GET - ORIGINAL_DST/          text/html

    Now i would like to get a human readable format with (Date / Time - Username or Vouchercode - URL)

    If allready found some information like adding this line to the squid.conf but it doesn't worked for me;
    logformat squid  %ts.%03tu %6tr %>a %Ss/%03Hs %

    Thx in advance

  • Banned


    how can i edit the access_log format and add new fields?

    P.S. Squid knows absolutely NOTHING about your voucher codes. No idea what you imagine to achieve there. The only goal to be reached here is completely breaking any features in this and other packages that parse logs and assume standard Squid logs (the 'Real Time' tab; LightSquid, Sarg…)

  • Hi doktornotor,

    thanks for the links.

    I imagine to get a logfile with Timestamp , Username or Vouchercode, URL to log the guests activities in our WiFi network.
    So do you know, where the pfsense creates a logfile with Timestamp, Voucher and associated IP Adress so i can figure out,
    who had which IP Adress at Date / Time XY and accessed which URL?

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