PPPoE password displayed

  • 2.3-ALPHA (amd64) built on Thu Oct 29 18:35:31 CDT 2015

    I can't remember if this was always the case but typing into the PPPoE password field displays the typed characters.

    The browser can also remember the password, if that's enabled.  Is that something that can be controlled?

    Could/should the password be obscured?  Perhaps with an option to display the real characters - when you're sure no one is shoulder-surfing :)

    EDIT:  This happens in the setup wizard only

  • Developer Netgate

    It was always that way  :)

    I usually approach wizard issues with a sense of foreboding, but this fix turned out to be just an XML change.

    Wizard now uses input type "password" and provides a "Show password" checkbox for both PPPoE and PPTP.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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