Suggestion for multiple cache directories.

  • Hi all!

    In order to obtain increased proxy server performance is recommended to use multiple cache directories, contained in different drives dedicated to cache.

    In the proxy server configuration through the WebGUI you can specify only one (1) "Hard Disk Cache Location".

    I know I can do the inclusion of new lines "cache_dir" in the file "/usr/local/pkg/" and so ensure that this is not broken when any change in the configuration of "Squid Proxy Sever" in WebGUI. But it will be broken when the file "/usr/local/pkg/" is updated.

    I would like to see it implemented in WebGUI, and I have a suggestion for a simple, elegant and effective implementation for many of us.

    It could be allowed to include multiple "Location Hard Disk Cache" by using the "+" button. And all lines of "cache_dir" assume the same "Hard Disk Cache Size", the same "Hard Disk Cache System" and the same "Level 1 Directories".

    This would be useful for all who choose to use disks with the same size, which I believe is a good idea when it comes to dedicated drives for caching.

    I appreciate any response regarding this matter.

    Jairo Raiol

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    Sure like hell not going to happen in the official package. You are free to maintained your, XML and whatever other hacks via System Patches package.

  • Hello doktornotor!

    Thanks for answering.

    I figured streamlining would facilitate implementation.

    Then we could have a "Custom Cache Settings" field in the "Local Cache" tab?
    Only this would be great.

    Or we can use the "Custom ACLS (Before Auth)" from the "General" tab?

    Otherwise I will edit the file "/usr/local/pkg/".

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    No idea. Look, there's not even any support for mounting more disks on pfSense. Completely on your own with similar hacks.

  • Hello doktornotor!

    Thank you again for answering.

    I created and set up new partitions using a small how-to for FreeBSD.


    Now I will add the lines "cache_dir" in

    cache_dir ufs /cache01 128000 64 256
    cache_dir ufs /cache02 128000 64 256
    cache_dir ufs /cache03 128000 64 256

    But would add the customized field if it existed. And so I would be more quiet.

    Okay, I just have to be careful to keep the lines "cache_dir" in the Squid configuration.

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