Can't update time on Dom0 with ntp running on DomU(PFsense)

  • Hi everybody.

    So the machine run on Xenserver 6.5SP1 with a domU running pfsense 2.2.4.
    And I can't update time on the Xenserver with pfsense domU.

    Xenserver report an error stratum 16 when I want to update from PFsense NTP Server. (tested with NTPd and ntpdate.)(the daemon report to be a stratum 3)

    The DomU (pfsense) is the NTP server.
    The DomU (debian) is a ntp client.
    The DomU (Openmediavault) is a ntp client and ntp server.
    The Dom0 (Xenserver) is a ntp client
    Non-Virtualized computer running Debian as ntp client or server.

    To resume:
    Dom0 can update time from DomU ntp Server/Non-Virtualized Debian NTP server.
    All DomU can update time from PFsense (domU)
    Non-virtualized Computer can update time from PFsense(DomU)

    BUT Dom0 CAN'T update time from PFsense(DomU)
    So I don't know if it's a XenServer or PFsense problem…
    I hope to have been clear.


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