PIA disconnecting

  • Maybe a little help for same problem.  My PIA/OpenVPN Pfsense has worked wonderfully last 11 months.  Then last week I started getting the OpenVpn client down, but PIAVpn interface, dhcp Lan and Wan were all Up.  I restart the OpenVpn client and it runs for maybe 12-16hrs, then it's down again.  I would appreciate some assistance.  What log do I read and what am I looking for?

  • Has nothing to do with the thread you posted in, split to its own thread. What do your OpenVPN logs show?

  • Sorry, wasn't sure.  Thank you for the correction.  Logs attached.


  • You're losing the ability to resolve DNS, that's the root of the issue.

    Nov 2 19:47:11 openvpn[80808]: RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: us-east.privateinternetaccess.com: hostname nor servname provided, or not known 

    You normally reach your DNS via the VPN?

  • I followed the PIA OpenVPN tutorial in this forum.  I think it should be from pfsense which takes it from my router, no?

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