Not Enabling APC - 512 MB Insufficient

  • Because pfSense detects less than the actual physical installed RAM, 512 MB is insufficient for APC to be enabled.

    Beacause syslog is not started until later, this notice message does not appear in the system logs.  Please see attached screen capture image.

    2.2.5-DEVELOPMENT  (i386)
    built on Sun Nov 01 07:50:29 CST 2015

    ![Not Enabling APC - Less Than 512 MB RAM Detected.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Not Enabling APC - Less Than 512 MB RAM Detected.jpg)
    ![Not Enabling APC - Less Than 512 MB RAM Detected.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Not Enabling APC - Less Than 512 MB RAM Detected.jpg_thumb)

  • Your BIOS reports less than 512 MB for hw.realmem in that case. Probably should reduce that a bit under 512 as we do for other minimum RAM values, to account for the trimming of realmem. I'll look at that for 2.3.

    syslog can't be started until after rc.php_ini_setup.

  • Two systems (one bare metal with 2 GB, one VM with 512 MB) report 33 MB less than physical in the webgui dashboard.  So those two cases would indicate about 479 MB detection requirement would work.  Or slightly less to allow some margin for variation.

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