How to use multiple servers with same username in Microsoft cert store?

  • I have multiple OpenVPN servers. All servers are on the same machine, each running on its own port. All servers have different keys and I use the same username with different user keys on all servers.

    Everything is fine when I use a configuration with the *.p12 inside the OpenVPN config directory. That is I can connect to any and to all servers at the same time (many tap adapters added to the client). Therefor all servers configured correctly.

    When I import all the p12 certificates to the Windows Cert User Store, it only works for the first certificate found. All other client connections get the same (first) certificate instead the needed one, so only one connection works until I delete the first certificate from store. Than works the second client connection and so on.

    I think there must be an option to choose which certficate to query from Microsoft Store. How can this be soved?

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