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  • Hi,

    Im struggling to get inbound FTP working and have tried everything i can see over the last couple of days so please help. Ive looked at the fTP troublshoot oage and search the web and forum with lots of ideas but none seemed to work for me


    WANBT1  TCP  21 (FTP)
    (ext.: 21x.4x.20x.8x)  21 (FTP)  Port Forward BTWAN1 to FTP

    Firewall Rules (automatically created):

    TCP  *  21 (FTP)  21 (FTP)  *    NAT Port Forward BTWAN1 to FTP

    TCP  *  21 (FTP)  WAN address  21 (FTP)  *    NAT Port Forward BTWAN1 to FTP

    the FTP Helper is enabled on all interfaces and outbound FTP works fine (over the defualt WAN)

    Ive tried IIS and filezilla and have no luck

    does anyone know what im doing wrong?


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    Alternatively for incoming FTP you can disable the FTP Helper on Interfaces -> WAN and simply port forward 21 and the data port range used by FTP. Generally this is definable on the FTP server (modern day implementations). You can easily restrict the data port range to a specific range and simply forward that.

    A way to go imo as it looks like you could have more than 1 wan connection (diagram diagram diagram diagram diagram diagram :) )

  • I have 4 wans and im trying to get inbound FTP on WAN2 which is named BTWAN1, is it possible to have inbound ftp on anything other than the main WAN?

    i got it kinda working on default WAN but i want to be able to have an FTP server on each of 4 WANS. is this possible?

  • ive been reading and i dont think u can get it working on 1.2 on any other place than wan but i think 1.3 they said it should be implemented..

    Can you share with me how u got it working on the wan?

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