Performance if I'm using AES-NI to VPN Provider via OpenVPN?

  • What happens, in terms of performance, if I am using a router which has a Rangely CPU that supports AES-NI/AES-GSM and use OpenVPN in my router to connect to a VPN Provider's OpenVPN server, assuming the VPN Provider's hardware doesn't support AES-NI/AES-GCM? Would I get any speed benefit from AES-NI at all?

    I ask this because since around January pfSense 2.2 (and FreeBSD 10.1) have implemented support to take advantage of AES-NI and AES-GSM. However, it is probably unlikely that VPN providers such as AirVPN/NordVPN/TorGuard will have updated their OpenVPN servers yet to hardware that can use AES-NI/AES-GCM.

    [EDIT. Oops, it may be that pfSense supports AES-NI/AES-GCM for IPSEC but not OpenVP? Does anyone know if that's so?]

  • OpenVPN doesn't yet support AES-GCM, so the benefits of AES-NI are more limited with it. The AES CBC modes will take some advantage of it.

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