No authentication doesn't allow a user to connect. V.2.2.4

  • I am currently using pfSense to require guests to accept to the terms and conditions before connecting to the Internet. When a user hits the connect button it simply refreshes the page and it doesn't connect them to the Internet.

  • First things first…

    Is this a custom captive portal page, or the demo built-in page?

    If it's a custom page, I'd roll back to the demo page, and test it there first, at least that way you know that works, and there's a problem on your custom page.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Good advice ^^.

    Also, sometimes clients get confused and simply reload the portal page. After they hit login is there a CP entry created (Status > Captive Portal. Also check the Portal Auth log).  After they hit login did you try manually navigating to other sites?

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