My ISP's dynamically assigned DSL IPs are within pfsense's BOGON ranges

  • Hi,

    I need some advice here. My ISP's dynamically assigned DSL IPs are within pfsense's BOGON ranges. More specifically, it seems my ISP is assigning DSL IPs within the range This means I cannot access any of my pfsense firewalled networks from a DSL line hosted by this ISP. I updated pfsense's BOGON list and verified that the range is still listed.

    I went and checked on and found this:

    165/8	Administered by ARIN	1993-05	LEGACY

    So it is listed as LEGACY rather than ALLOCATED. But, I'm not entirely sure this is relevant since it seems LECAGY just means it is managed by someone else than IANA.

    What are your thoughts here?


  • 165./8 isn't in the bogons list. Parts of it are.

    We just pull cymru's full bogon list. If your ISP's been assigned IPs that are wrongly in that list, they'll need to get in touch with them to have it removed.

  • Ok let me contact them.

    And, thanks for correcting me: I mean't one thing and wrote another. What I mean't was is, as you say, the ISP assigns IPs somewhere within, but that some of the ranges within that are listed as BOGONs.

  • There are a lot of things that use the cymru bogons list, so yeah you'll definitely need the source list updated in that case. Your ISP should be able to get that taken care of easily. Kind of surprised they didn't before assigning those IPs to clients, that's a pretty standard thing ISPs do (or should do) before using a new assignment.

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