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  • Hi there

    I know, I'm one of thousands with always the same question. I'm sorry. May you could help me anyway.
    First, all these things are for a test for full control about everything you do in a network. It's for school so I don't want to spy anyone. It's my school project.

    What I want:

    I want to know which websites the user X visited.

    is that even possible? I'm experimenting with squid proxy but all I can see is the "base" url. for example ch.archive.ubuntu.com but I want to see something like that:


    Is that possible? And how?

    I want to prove that it is possible to monitor every site so visit for example in a starbucks or in a free wlan network.

    Thanks for your help

    best regards


  • Squid's access.log shows the full URL minus any user data.  If you want to see the user data, add the directive strip_query_terms off to your Squid custom settings.  You can find access.log in /var/squid/logs.

    This forum is specifically for issues involving DHCP or DNS.  You are asking about Squid.  The better forum to use for such questions is the Cache/Proxy forum.

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