Failover with Tun0 (vpn) is possible? YES!!! it is!!

  • Hello big All!!
    I need to configure an failover system with wan and opt links, but on opt I use a vpn connection, it
    works very well, but I have a doubt: How to setup correctly the failover? I dont have an option to use de tun0 (vpn).
    I need an automatically failover connection with the wan and opt(vpn).

    My setup

    Wan: (direct cable with the other company)
    OPT1: (dsl connection, used to openvpn) > Tun0

    thanks again!!!

  • yes!!!!!!!!!!
    it´s possible!
    Save the configuration of pfsense, edit file, replace opt|ip for tun0|ip !!!

  • Hello, do you mind sharing more details of the setup you used that made it work for you?


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