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  • Hello! So I was trying to make my old laptop into an access point, my main router is in the living room but my family loses internet once they're in the driveway. I was wondering if there's a way to get my laptop to take that signal and help it go a little further. I tried to make my LAN in pfSense as my wireless card which is bmw0, but how would it connect up to my router? The ip is and when I type it, it shows nothing.

    Sorry if it's a little vague, I'm tired and completely confused. :s

  • bmw0 wireless card is made by who??

    For this to work with ath(0) you would create a primary wireless interface then make a wireless clone for your secondary interface. Make one an Access Point and one a bridge(client of main box wifi). I would make your bridge the WAN interface and LAN as RJ45 and AP on OPT1. Start by getting client mode working on WAN then add AP mode on your cloned interface.

    You don't get true roaming but you could set your pfSense extender AP with same passphrase.

  • Can you explain better this configurarion? I am lost in the bridge and AP explanation

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    So your going to leave your laptop as a wireless repeater in the garage?  Why do you need wifi when your in the driveway?

    Anyway - Why do people always want to use a 15mm box wrench when the job calls for 5/8 inch socket.. Can't I just hammer in that nail with this screwdriver?  The hammer is all the way in the other room..

    If you want better wifi coverage, then get some real accesspoints and deploy them in the area you want wifi coverage..  This is proper solution to good wifi..  Anything else is doing it wrong..

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