Squid + WPAD + Captive Portal, does it work or not?

  • Hello guys:

    I've been reading some previous posts about the same topic which pretends to force users to authenticate on Captive Portal and then navigate through Squid proxy using WPAD settings.

    Some folks state this setup works after patching /etc/inc/captiveportal.inc, some other say that doesn't work even after patching and it won't work because squid breaks Captive Portal configuration.

    So just to clarify my doubts on the matter, is it possible to make this configuration of Squid+WPAD+Captive Portal really work?

    Thank you!

  • As nobody answers I might think it doesn't really work well or it's not fully tested and documented.

    Hope someone can share any experience on a siimilar setup.

  • Banned

    Make a config backup (or even a full backup) and try for yourself, perhaps. It should work now without breaking the CP. Did not test, don't have a use case for this. (Plus, obviously the method of patching core system files sucks.) :D

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