Corrupt interface groups - interfaces_groups_edit.php

  • Creating / Editing Interface groups creates groups with invalid members (ie. Array, Array).

    Problem seems to be around line 129 of interfaces_groups_edit.php where $member is defined.  Array implode doesn't work properly as $members is multidimensional.

    I have refactored the original code in the for loop above as follows and removed line 129, which seems to correct the issue:

            if (isset($_POST['members'])) {
                    foreach ($_POST['members'] as $member )
                            if ($isfirst > 0)  
                                    $members .= " ";
                            $members .= $member[0];
            else {
                    $members = "";

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yep that's definitely broken.

  • Developer Netgate

    File that one under: "Too clever by half" :)

    Thanks for the fix. merged/pushed to master.

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