$ 300 - Firewall Builder to 100% configure PfSense

  • Since it is possible to connect to PfSense firewall via SSH and also it is possible to configure 100% of PfSense features writing the configuration to an xml file, would it be possible to build a specialized version of Firewall Builder (http://www.fwbuilder.org/) to configure 100% of PFSense features. Firewall builder is already compatible with pf configuration and connect to the firewall via SSH to load up the configuration made via the GUI. I think it should not be that complicated: via the GUI already available build up the config.xml, connect via SSH to the firewall and load it up.

    Let me know if it is feasible. I post a $ 300 bounty for this project. Anybody offer more?



  • If it can talk xmlrpc, you'd be a long way towards making it work well.  A fair amount of xmlrpc work would need to be done on the pfSense end, but I expect that's the easy part.


  • I was actually thinking about something simpler. Make FWBuilder create the xml file through various graphical command. Then to apply it SSH into the firewall and replace the existing one.

    FWbuilder does not seem at a first glance to support xmlrpc.



  • Actually we have talked about that being a feature and the post below is basically what you are talking about and more.  You might be better off adding your $300 to the existing bounty since they truly cross paths.


  • OK. I withdraw the $ 300 bounty here and I'll post it in the thread you suggested.



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