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  • I have a 6 month old pfsense running 2.2.4 on a Dell Poweredge 310. I've had no issues with the firewall so far but today the GUI has started responding very slowly.  It will take like 10-15 seconds and timeout when I first browse to the IP.    No interruptions to traffic.  Once I'm connected to the GUI it seems to move around ok with the occasional hangup.  This issue occurs in multiple browsers but seems less frequent in firefox.  I read other threads on the issue, I do have LDAP authentication configured for VPN and the server is available.  Both WAN links are up.  Under general setup, I have no DNS servers set just  It seems like others recommend adding my internal DNS servers under general setup. No system resource issues. I just find it odd that this config has worked for over 6 months and all of the sudden today the GUI is misbehaving.  I appreciate any assistance.

  • WebGUI is deathly slow if it doesn't have DNS configured, I believe.

  • Yeah, it's just weird because it's been snappy to this point.  I guess I'll just put my 2 internal DNS servers in general setup and see if that helps. It's intermittently slow.

  • I added my internal DNS servers to the General setup area and the GUI is still slow.  Not always slow but primarily when making my initial connection.

  • I have the exact same problem on 2.2.5

  • Hello Guys,

    I did had the same problem before, notice the pfsense was routing the tracfic to the wrong gateway check your configurations under System-->Routing make sure the pfsense is pointing to the correct gateway let me know if that help Thanks.

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