Dansguardian vs HAVP antivirus vs squid3

  • I want to scan incoming traffic for virus and block malware & ads.
    We have 3 different packages to choose from but what is the best?

    Can you all help me with some pros/cons for each packages?
    All 3 packages use ClamAV.

    Looks to have a partnership with Smoothwall.

    The webpage say: Last update 25-Nov-2010 (Is this really a up2date package?)


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    HAVP is completely dead. Dansguardian is heavily broken on pfSense and to be replaced with E2Guardian. Unless you are willing to mess with the E2G thing manually, you really are best of with Squid3.

    Note: Do NOT try to combine the packages. None of them will work properly with the ClamAV thing conflicts - they'll be screwing each others' permissions/services perpetually.

  • doktornotor - Thank you for the info.

    How long will it be before E2guardians is finish?

    If it is too long I install Squid3 but I want E2guardin, seems to be the best to use with pfsense.

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