[solved] Problems with OpenVPN service and Webfrontend

  • Hi there,
    i have a (minor) issue with the pfsense Webfrontend and the OpenVPN service. After some time it says, the OpenVPN service stopped running and refuses to restart, because the service is still running. If I login via ssh, kill the openvpn process, and restart it from the webinterface, it will work quite well for some time, but then the issue comes back. (Sometimes i have to destroy the tun interface as well, but i guess this comes from the non graceful shutdown of the openvpn process)

    This is not a great issue, because openvpn works fine, it's just ugly, when I check the firewalls health, and I see a service not running, but still runs.

    My setup is pfsense latest stable version, virtualised with xen on a gentoo box. May these issues come from the virtualisation? Because i have also a pfsense running on a dedicated box at my parents home and there i have no such issues. But i guess the problems occour somewhere in the communication between the openvpn and the webfrontend

    Does anyone have the same issues and have developed a workarround?

  • Hmm strange. Seems like i have a similar problem with the avahi service. May i should do a clean reinstall.

  • Did a clean reinstall and seems to be fixed. I think topic can be closed

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