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    I installed it Sunday using the current daily build and immediately found several show-stoppers for my configuration. This was a fresh install, not an upgrade.

    • It would not accept a user-specified MAC address on my WAN interface. The field is still there, but it doesn't save/apply it to the interface.

    • It would not release the DHCP address on my WAN interface (I was attempting to work around issue 1). It looks like that's maybe a FreeBSD issue, but not sure about that.

    • It would not save my OpenVPN client password. Again, the field is there, it just doesn't save anything. The forum link you posted says OpenVPN is working, though… I dunno, maybe a regression bug? Or maybe if you upgrade it's still there, but it doesn't get saved on a new install?

    In any case, pfS is good stuff and I'm happy to wait for stable code. It's not like 2.2.5 has any major issues.

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    1. & 3. have been fixed.

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