Pkgng some novice questions

  • most of the current packages are synched against the new ports repo.
    there are numerous of files in each pfsense package. i need some clarification on their purpose and/or contents.

    so for example pfSense-pkg-Cron:

    in pkg-root-dir:


    are they to be created/adjusted manually or are they automatically generated with create_port() found in tools/scripts/update_package_pfPorts.php  ? what if just editing an existing package ?

    same as above:


    seems also involved in create_port()

    then there is the xml for the package itself:



    are the entries above still needed? even with the  (the create_port() seems to regex the url and replace it with '')


    what about this ?

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    I shouldn't take more that 20 years to get this documented, no worries… Just posted my impressions regarding the state of documentation here:

    For the FreeBSD ports, you can use the upstream documentation. For the pfSense-specific GUI stuff, there's absolutely no documentation whatsoever, noone could be bothered to document the pre-2.3 thing for ~8 years. So, if you expect the new packaging to be documented, then all I can wish you is "good luck and lots of patience". Meanwhile, you can keep investigating the blackbox mentioned on the above bug. You observe how it behaves and after weeks wasted, you eventually learn some basics -- because noone likes to document things and volunteers of course have tons of time to spare with such nonsense.

  • gotcha ;)

    but still, shouldn't be too much to ask for someone, who's working closely on the new pkg system to just answer my questions …. that'll get me going atleast ;)

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