High Availability using the SG-4860

  • Three edits for this guide that I read through today:


    "The Virtual IP addresses on both nodes will look like CARP Virtual IP Address List if the process was sucessful."



    "If any of of the tests fails, review the configuration and consult Troubleshooting High Availability for assistance."



    "If the NIC is plugged in and appaers to have a link when this occurs, edit, save, and apply changes for the VIP in question to reconfigure it."


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Fixed, thanks!

    In the future you may want to e-mail these to us, though I'm not sure we have an official address for them yet, any of the customer support addresses would be fine.

  • Administrator

    There is an email on https://secret_pfsense_url/book/preface/feedback.html

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