Bridged OpenVPN connection up, but cannot ping thru LAN

  • Hi,

    I've got some problems finishing my OpenVPN setup. I have pfSense <-> couple of DD-WRT's tap0/br0 bridge, and individual dhcp assignment in each router. So I am not using server-bridge directive in the OpenVPN server side. My LAN is 192.168.1.x/24 and earlier this setup is worked fine between DD-WRT routers, but now I want to add also my pfSense with OpenVPN client mode into that same LAN.

    I have made succesfull OpenVPN client connection from pfSense (i think) using just "dev tap" and bridging with earlyshell commands, so the tap0/br0 is visible and learning. In pfSense my LAN is le0 inferface. Here is my routing table.. this is the basic situation without any connection up yet.

    Destination Gateway  Flags Refs Use Mtu Netif
    0             link#2               UC 0 0 1500 le1 UH 0 254 16384 lo0
    192.168.1 link#1               UC 0 0 1500 le0 00:01:29:d2:62:e5 UHLW 1 228 1500 le0

    After connecting I am able to ping my other vpn host directly from the pfSense shell, but cannot ping or connect from LAN side from my workstation. So I think this might be somekind of routing issue? Maybe I should somehow add route with netif br0 assigned to 192.168.1.x ? Any ideas what I am missing?