Firewall Rulles Order (Floating Rules)

  • I have currently experiencing weird ordering problem on my Floating Rules.

    Before upgrading 2.2.5 64bit, I can re-position/order my Floating Rules wherever I wanted to. But now seems like all Block/Reject rules were automatically positioned on top of the Allow and Traffic Shaping Rules. I can't find upgrade note regarding this functionality.

    I hope somebody can enlighten and help me.

    Thank you. 8)

  • Moderator

    Hi voxeljorz,

    If you are using pfBlockerNG, it reorders rules according to the 'rule order' setting in the general tab. If you don't that package than you can ignore this post.

  • Thank you BBcan177, I have seen it. I was right of what I have suspected that it was pfBlockerNG.

    The rule order in the screenshot solved my problem.

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