Problems With Star Wars Battlefront on PS4

  • Hello all, any one having problems with Problems With Star Wars Battlefront on PS4? I can play all the games without problems in my PS4, but Problems With Star Wars Battlefront keeps diskonecting from EA Servers! I tried connecting the PS4 to a router that does not passes by pfsense, and all worked well.

    I have a separated VLAN to the PS4, no proxys, no blocks, upnp enabled! I don't see any block in the wan input!

    Any ideas?

  • Hey, in that case i would suggest that the networkcard of the ps4 is not able to handle vlan tag s.
    If you still don t want your ps 4 not in your normal network, i would build in a second networkcard.

  • Not sure if this will help, but in order to get Open NAT and party chat working on my PS4, beside enabling upnp on pfSense I also had to create a manual port forward for the ports used by the game. You may want to check what ports BF uses and try to do the same.

    Not sure why it's necessary, since in theory upnp should take care of everything, but I guess the PS4 doesn't like pfSense's upnp that much.

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