Log out of Captive portal not working

  • I have captive portal running lovely.
    But on the dashboard I have a capitive portal display which shows me who is connected.
    Worked fine up till Friday when I force the disconnection of a users by clicking on the X beside the name.
    This brought up a prompt box for me to confirm disconnection which I clicked.
    Unfortunately, I also clicked the box that said dont show me this again.

    Now when I try to disconnect a user by this method is stays connected

    Can anyone advise how to reistate this prompt box, please.



  • Hi,

    Try destroying the cookie …

    But this doesn't explains why sessions aren't removed.

    edit: when I manually remove a connected client (to the captive Portal), I have a simple "Do you really want to disconnect this client?" text box, but not the option "to not show this message again". Just Ok, and 'Cancel'.
    What version are you running ?

    Tell more ….

  • Running version 2.2.4

    how do I remove the cookie??

  • Sorted, many thanks

    Removing the cookies resolved the problem and I now get the box back again.
    When I click to disconnect the connection does actual now disconnect.

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