PfBlockerNG iblocklist and Transmission

  • Hello, any one using PfBlockerNG with iblocklist list level1 (anti p2p) noticed that the list is blocking the IP that is the IP of the website and used by transmission to check if the port is "open" or "closed"? Any idea why is that?

    Best Regards to all

  • Moderator

    Best to report that to IBlock lists support.

  • That was fast, I send the email and they solved the problem in less that 24h.

    BBcan177, thank you, and one question! I know that you where the developer of PFBlokerNG (great work by the way) do you think that the premium lists from the iblocklist subscriptions are worth the price?

    Thank you for your help
    Best Regards

  • I was using premium for some time and in my experience it does not worth because free list from same provider blocks more than enough. Premium lists had maybe 4% blocked packages compering free ones.

    If you thing 4% is worth, well :)


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