Blocking XBOX 360 traffic

  • Im trying to block xbox 360 traffic from midnight until 8am, so my son will actually go to bed.

    Ive setup a rule to block all traffic on any port from any source to the xbox, ive setup a schedule mon-sun midnight to 7:59am.

    Ive moved the block rule to the top of the list of rules so it will be the first one matched.

    The problem is its not doing anything, its not blocking anything and he just keeps on playing.

    Ive set this rule up on both the WAN and LAN interfaces.

    To me it looks correct, I dont know why its not killing the connection.  Does the schedule kill the active connections when the designated time is hit or does it just not allow any new connections during that time?

    I staticly assign the XBOX its IP address via MAC address, so i know its not pulling a different IP.

    Any help would be great on this.

  • Please do not post the same in multiple forums.

    Can you show a screenshot of your rules?
    Did you read the notes next to the schedules?

    When working with pfSense based schedules, the logic is a bit different from the normal pfSense rules.

    For example, the rules are evaluated from top to bottom.

    If you have a pass rule and the rule is outside of the schedule, the traffic will be BLOCKED regardless
    of pass rules that occur after this rule.

    In these cases you will want to change the pass rule to a block style rule to get the needed functionality.

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