VPN for Mac Client systems

  • I've now sorted a number of surprises that our old network admin left for us on our pfSense server.  One thing that came up while sorting some VNC NAT settings was that we really should be using a VPN link rather than opening the VNC to the world.  I agree and I've just unrolled why he did the VNC thing - OS X (our primary travel platform) is still stuck on IPSec and he never got that working.

    So, I'm putting it out there - what's a good OpenVPN client for OS X systems running 10.10 and 10.11?

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    Viscosity. Just works with exports from pfSense's Client Export Utility package.

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    As I stated in the other thread ;)  Or there is tunnelbrick also just works and free..  But not as slick looking nor is there a specific export of the config for it in the export package..

  • Tunnelblick works fine, and configuration is just doble click on .ovpn exported file ;)

  • Tunnelblick works perfect with with config  exported via
    Inline Configurations: Others

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