How to access OpenVPN remote LAN when local LAN has the same network address

  • It took me a little while to figure this out, so I hope to save someone else the aggravation.

    I have two separate LAN segments that have the same network address (  One LAN has a pfSense OpenVPN server to connect remote clients to a local FTP server (for this example).

    Network A
      - pfSense OpenVPN Server

    - FTP Server

    Network B
      - Third-party Gateway

    - Host 1 (OpenVPN client)

    In my scenario, Host 1 (on Network B) needs to access the FTP server on Network A.  Ideally, traffic should be routed from the Network B gateway to the pfSense OpenVPN server, then to the Network A LAN.

    Since both networks share the same network address, a connection attempt from Network B to fails because that address is considered part of the local LAN and does not get routed through the tunnel.

    To get around this problem, I created a "virtual" IP address for the FTP server using port forwarding.

    Under Firewall->NAT->Port Forward, create a new rule.
      - Set the interface to OpenVPN.
      - Set the protocol, as necessary.
      - Set the destination to your "virtual" IP address.  I used
      - Set the destination port range (21 in this example).
      - Set the redirect target IP to the real IP address of the FTP server (
      - Set the redirect target port range (21 in this example).
      - Set the filter rule association to Pass.

    Now the FTP server on Network A essentially looks like this:
      - FTP Server

    Clients on Network B can access the FTP server over the tunnel by referring to it using its "virtual" IP address.


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