Suggestions to future version of pfSense

  • Hello everybody! I am a new comer from Hong Kong.

    I have started to use pfSense by my friends' highly recommendation. I am using 2 ADSL connections where one is for my web server and another one is for my Internet browsing and BTs.

    I found pfSense works great for BT on a ~80KB/s upload ADSL line can make over than a 10000 connections. It is incredible compare with a 3com OfficeConnect Router which I used for few years.

    Anyway, I found some improvements may be simply made can help a big change for easier usage.

    1. Use profile style menu for PPPoE and DDNS update which can made multiple account to be updated at the same time. I found the similar style is on my Buffalo router which I am used it for a wireless AP. I wish pfSense Team can make the dual / multiple PPPoE dialup at the soon future.

    2. The index.php can show the all information including WAN IP(s), date time and some more useful information like uptime, etc.

    3. The transfer meter have a limitation of 4GB (32-bit). I recommended to use a counter-like style to sum the times of reset. For 1 time it beyond the limit, use adding 4GB to the current number. I dont know is it possible and easy to make. But it may useful to see how much data is sent through the pfSense and showing how powerful it is. :P

    Thats what I've found yet. I will try out more functions of pfSense later.


  • Did you try checking the data counters on the RRD graphs?

  • As to request number two…try installing the dashboard package.

  • As far as i know there are a number of threads around that deal with number one.

    And i seem to recall that changes have been submitted for 1.3 to support multiple PPPoE lines and multiple DDNS.

  • thx for kind helps!!
    I will try it later today~

    I am also looking forward for the version 1.3 stable release~ ;D

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