Bandwidthd with PostgreSQL - website issues

  • I need to monitor my network since I have a very restricted data cap from my provider. As far as I can see the most reliable option would be to use  Bandwidthd with PostgreSQL.

    My setup:
    PFSense 2.2.5-RELEASE  (amd64)
    bandwidthd 0.6.3

    no other packages installed<

    Debian 8 with the latest PostgreSQL and WWW service, no other use for this VM.

    As far as I can see the database setup is correct, since I've managed to fix all the erros that appeared at first on PFsense / system / general logs. The only problem is with the website:

    What config am I missing?

    Here my postgres:

    And my bandwidthd settings:

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    Apparently PHP is not working on your website… No idea what's the relation to pfSense here.

  • Other php pages are working fine, for example:

    Thats why I thought this could be a Bandwidthd issue.
    Edit: installed Debian 7, and it's working now.

  • I'm playing with the same issue. In my configuration I've 10 pfsense boxes at differen location and wand to merge all bandwidthd data in one single postgres server. The traffic logging works fine, every pfsense is named as a diffrent sensor with it's own subnet.

    On my windows machine I've installed php 7 and activate the following php modules:


    I used the php Files from and put them in a htdocs folder inside the php root folder. The result was the same like in your posting. After some digging in the php Files I notices that the php tagging was not working for my configuration. The files from github taged php commands like:

    After chaning it to

    php is working.

    I used notepad++ search and replace in files for all php files. I'm now a step further but there are more problems…

    Good Luck

  • Watch out with those versions of pfsense and bandwithd, they doens´t like each other too much, i wanted to implemented and the pfsense used to crash. Doing research i found that was a common problem. I dont know if newest versions fix that

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