OpenVPN - Export with multiple VPN profiles

  • Hi,

    Quick question.

    I am fairly new to OpenVPN/PfSense.

    What I am trying to accomplish is when I am exporting a user profile, it is being exported with multiple VPN profiles associated with it.

    The problem I run in to now is that I have multiple PfSense servers, with OpenVPN clients connecting to it, but for every different VPN server I need to import the .OVPN profile to the Windows 'config' folder for every client.

    I'm sure there is a way to make this more easier.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


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    huh??  it exports the profile you pick in the top dropdown, as long as they have different names your opvn client will see them all as options..  Once you add the .ovpn file to yoru config folder..

  • When I go to VPN -> OpenVPN -> Client Export I can only export just one 1 profile.
    This is the profile, for example, for server 'A'.
    But I also have server 'B' up to 'F'.

    What I want to accomplish is that on only server 'A' a export is needed, which also has the profiles for server B to F.

    See what I mean?

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    Are they profiles on different servers?  Or do you have multiple instances of pfsense running on the same pfsense box??

    Here I just created a new server, and as you can see all of my servers are listed in the dropdown in the export..

  • Yes it are different physical servers.
    I see you have indeed three options in the drop down menu, my guess is that you have multiple instances on the same box?

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    Yes - as you see clearly in my post I have 3 instances of openvpn running with different options on the same server.

    How would export util on pfsense know about other servers???  Really come on think about that for like .2 seconds..

  • Well, that is not hard.
    There could be an option to somehow link these boxes.
    Or manually add profiles to it.

    But I understand what you are saying is that this isn't possible at all?

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    No not currently.. You could write the code to link them ;)  Or submit a bounty to have someone else do it.. But find it highly unlikely there would be any demand for it..

    So do these different serves use different certs and settings, etc.  Curious why do you have multiple servers?  Why not just 1 ,or a carp sort of setup if you need failover, etc.

  • It serves just one goal for this setup.

    Just one install (generated by openvpn client export) and automatically have more (*.ovpn) profiles to connect to.

    At this moment, I need to manually copy/paste these profiles to the C:\program files\openvpn\config directory.

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    so you want the profiles added to the bundle exe that installs the client and the profile?  You could clearly edit that before deployment to your users so it contained multiple ovpn files.

  • Indeed, that is exactly what I want.
    I have look everywhere to find how to do such a thing.
    How can I edit/manipulate the exe file?
    Seriously have no idea where even to start.

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    Well just unzip it, place your files in the config folder and then rezip it up as exe have it run your install and post install.exe that are in there..

  • Well johnpoz, may I say, you are the man?!

    That was so simple..
    Tested it and works, never even thought of that.

    1000 times, thanks!

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    Glad you go it sorted… and happy I could point out how simple it was ;)

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