Imposible to share Nets from Openvpn-Client to clients

  • +Hello
    My version PF is 2.2.

    Id have briged two openvpn sucefully,  my lan is, gateway
    My openvpn-client have a IP and uses to route another networks.
    for example this is are defined in my openvpn client, and work good,
    route on opvnc2

    So from this firewall i can reach for example to ok, but, any client of my lan can reach to that ip.

    Things i was try…

    1-Nat 1;1 , work for the gateway getting by openvpn client , but i can go beyond of this point.
    2-Nat obound i try many configurations but notheing works-

    Anybody can give a little help_ Cheers

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