OpenVPN/pfSense - route traffic through pfSense?

  • Hi, I have install pfSense on a VPS in country B and have configured both an OpenVPN client (IPv4 Tunnel Network and and an OpenVPN server (IPv4 Tunnel Network on pfSense. The OpenVPN client in pfSense connects OK to my OpenVPN server in country C, and the OpenVPN server in pfSense connects to my PC in country A.

    When I stop the OpenVPN client in pfSense, I can access the internet just fine when having the OpenVPN client on my PC connected to the OpenVPN server instance in pfSense, but when I start the OpenVPN client on pfSense, I can no longer access the internet from my PC.

    Would it be possible to connect my PC to pfSense OpenVPN server and have pfSense route all traffic through to my OpenVPN server in country C? This way:

    PC OpenVPN client (country A) –> pfSense OpenVPN server (country B) --> pfSense OpenVPN client (country B) --> OpenVPN server (country C) --> Internet

    How can I get this to work? Thanks.

  • 1)by making sure the correct routes are there along the way.

    2)if you want todo it purely routing (= no nat in between), then your pfsense in country C would need NAT rules for your tunnel network on country-A

  • Hi, ref 1), advice on how would I do the correct routes? Thanks.

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