Pfsense not Responding to Multi Sites.

  • Hello All,
    i am new on pfsense . advance appology if i post this in wrong forum.
    i have installed pfsense and added some MAC addresses in dhcp server.
    we have 3 (A,B,C) sites connected in series . (A to B) and (B to C) with towers. pfsense is installed at site A.
    pfsense is working quite well on Site A and B. but it we talk about site C. DHCP is distributing Ip to clients at site C but clients do not ping the pfsense server. no internet service on site C.

    can anybody tell me the solution?

    note: before installing pfsense everything thing was working file with a branded router.

    Haroon Naseem

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    So I have 3 cars, car 1 is red and works fine, car 2 is blue and also works fine… Car 3 is black and while the lights turn on, it doesn't start -- can you tell me the solution??

    That is the amount of info you have given us to work with..

  • can anybody tell me the solution?

    As John said, you need to supply more information.  As a guess, do you have an access rule on the interface that can't talk?  Have you verified that the clients are getting the right information from DHCP?

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    Can not even tell if these sites are internal and in line so doing triple nat? If connected with s2s vpn? All different isp?  We have NOTHING to even guess to what his problem

    Read your post and then look at it from outsider information of your network how could we even gueas to a "solution" to a problem you haven't articulated

  • Solution is Found in Tower setting. we must enable WDS in tower setting to make 100% pure Bridges between sites while we use MAC-IP Binding in any firewall.

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