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  • Running the latest update of code, I just tried adding the gmirror status widget to the front page/status page.  The page now mostly loads, but when it gets to that widget, CPU on my local desktop spikes and the page just keeps spinning trying to load but never finishing.

    Load on the pfsense box itself is nothing out of the ordinary:
    10:00AM  up 17 mins, 2 users, load averages: 0.06, 0.07, 0.08

    Out of curiosity, is there a way from the CLI to remove a widget?  I'm assuming there is by manually modifying a config file somewhere, but just wanted to see if that's accurate or not.  At this point I can't actually unload the widget from the GUI because the page never finishes loading.  Also, "gmirror status" from the CLI works as expected, so it's not an issue with the command itself.

    /root: gmirror status
                          Name    Status          Components
    mirror/pfSenseMirror  COMPLETE      ada0 (ACTIVE)
                                                        ada1 (ACTIVE)

  • Developer Netgate

    Thanks for the report. I'll check into it.

    Edit the file /cf/conf/config.xml and look for the tag "<widgets><sequence>"  It will look something like this:


    Just remove your widget from the list. e.g.: If you no longer want the gateways widget to show, remove " gateways:col2:open, "

    You can probably guess the meaning of col1/col2 and open/close :)</sequence></widgets>

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