DMVPN Equivalent in pfsense

  • Hi
    I have 5 branches and a headquarter. They are connected via DMVPN.
    Is it possible to get something similar so that I do not need static ips at branch office and if they need to communicate with each other they can establish vpn directly between them.

    Else voip and telepresense will be affected by delays.

    Can someone guide me in right direction?

    At headquarter we have 50mbits connection symmetric connection. At branches  it varies between  4-16 mbits.

  • Any idea if there is a type of multipoint vpn solution in pfsense so that only one fixed ip is required at headquarters end and all branches can connect without the need of static ip..  Moreover most importantly traffic from one  branch office should not traverse through  the hub. As there is latency issue and bandwidth issue.  Not all are either having symmetric bandwidth. And some are as slow as 2mbps cir down and 512k up.

    Some branches are at 10mbs some at 50mbps cir symmetric.

  • OpenVPN will do what your asking easily.

    I have multiple sites connected to my primary in this very way.  If your a Gold Subscriber then go in to the portal and look at the recent "hangout" about OpenVPN doing this.

    OpenVPN tunnels can be set up in a hub and spoke configuration or a mesh configuration.  Hub and spoke requires that your hub be live in order for branch offices to contact each other though the VPN. Mesh config does not.

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