Issues Creating CSR Request

  • Hi there,

    Having an issue with creating a CSR request to send off to my External CA.

    This page works fine with these options in 2.2 so it's a bug.

    When you fill in the page it comes up with the following errors no matter what values you put in the boxes below (The values are valid but its as if the webpage cant see them)

    I have attached a screenshot

    The following input errors were detected:

    The field Distinguished name Country Code is required.
    Please select a valid Key Length.
    Please select a valid Digest Algorithm.

    Page is:

    Snapshot is 30th November but same issue was in the last few days snapshot too.

    If you could fix it that would be great :D

  • Developer Netgate

    Thanks for the report.

    Filed as bug #5557

    Fixed via Commit 07ab3f0c3a61ea053c1c1e11dbe366f799fc0650

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