Routing problem - cant route to openvpn server

  • hi all,

    both routers between the sites are using pfsense and after that both have openvpn vm servers

    i have setup site2site servers but its not working site2site atm its just working as server2client

    i have attached a screenshot of both the servers config files (work and home) and a home client trying to traceroute to an ip on my work network

    i know it works as on my home server i can ping and can access web servers ie (exchange) and also as you can see i can ssh into my work servers config file from my home server

    but my home client cant ping/traceroute to my exchange

    the hops are as so - - vlan gateway on switch - home server - ipv4 vpn tunnel - works router

    but after this there are no other hops, where as the next hop should be the gateway of the work vlan and then hit the exchange server

    im so so close but yet so far, if anyone can help me i would be much appreciated

    thank you


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "after that both have openvpn vm servers"

    Why would your pfsense boxes not just do the site to site???  Its going to be a PITA running site to site connections on boxes inside your network… Do these sorts of connections at the EDGE of your network, ie on pfsense..

  • ops dont know why i said both are pfsense routers as one is and ones a draytek so thats why i created vm openvpn servers one at both sites behind the routers

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