Snort: Clear Pending Changes?

  • Hi,

    If I have hit the Remove all changes to all categories button by accident on a particular interface, but not yet pressed Apply Changes, is there any way I can clear the pending removal?


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    Hmmm, like - go away from the page? Or that doesn't work?

  • There will be text file created in /var/run with an extension of ".dirty".  I don't recall the rest of the filename, but I suspect it will have "snort" in the name someplace.  Delete that.  Just do not delete any *.pid files!  The code uses the native function mark_subsystem_dirty() to flag changes.  Other native pfSense code checks files created by that function to see when to display the "apply changes" prompt.

    Of course a firewall reboot will also clear the message, but simply deleting the file will fix it without a reboot.


  • Brilliant, a firewall reboot dealt with it.  Navigating away did not remove the dirty file.  Might be useful if there were some sort of 'purge' facility available for handling unwanted pending changes.


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