How to use Multi-WAN Loadbalancing over OpenVPN

  • Hello,

    To increase upload bandwith of a remote Site, we installed a second DSL Line, using the Loadbalancing feature with Gateway Groups.
    For usual Internet Traffic the Multi-WAN Settings work all right.

    But the VPN Connection remains on one WAN Interface. (The VPN-Client Interface is also set to the Gateway Group).

    Is there any way to make use of both WAN Gateways to increase the bandwith also for the VPN-Tunnel?
    Do I have to set up to separate VPN Tunnels on each WAN?

    The reason why we use a big upload bandwith is, because we have to transmit 25 simultanious VideoLive-Streams (H.264) to the headquarter.
    The whole traffic orgins from one Server and has to be sent over the VPN Tunnel.

    Is there any way to accomplish this?

    Thank you very much for your efforts.

  • Set up a 2nd tunnel bound to your 2nd ISP interface.

    Put your two VPN interfaces into a Gateway group with each set as Tier 1

    Use a policy route on your LAN interface firewall rules pointed to the VPN gateway group.

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