Internal pfsense setup and issues

  • Hello,

    I am running pfsense 2.2.2 as an ESXi 5.5 VM for an internal firewall so that I can place our development VMs in a different subnet and control the access the VMs have to the main LAN and WAN. Here's the current setup:

    WAN Interface
    IPv4: (only way I could get this working).
    GW: (pfSense 2.1.5 providing main LAN and WAN access for domain)
    vNIC:  E1000
    pNIC:  Broadcom BCM5720 Gigabit (Dell R720 onboard)

    DevNet, nested LAN
    vNIC: E1000
    pNIC: Intel 82571EB Gigabit (Dell R720 expansion card)

    I'm running into issues with the occasional dropped ping, which normally wouldn't be a big issue, but several of the VMs are used with software that just does not do well with dropped packets.

    Should I try creating a second link to the main LAN on the other Intel port and changing the WAN to that pNIC? I saw one forum post that seemed similar, but it was due to the management network running over the same pNIC as the LAN traffic. I have mine segmented out on another pNIC.

    Any advice would be helpful!

  • Freebsd 10 needs esxi 5.5 u2 Build 2068190 or better.

  • This might be the issue, then. I'll update and re-post when finished. Thanks!

  • @gjaltemba:

    Freebsd 10 needs esxi 5.5 u2 Build 2068190 or better.

    Updating to 5.5 U3 seems to have cleared up the vast majority of the dropped packets. Only lost 1 in almost 4 days. Thanks for the help!

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