Maximum number of MAC entries in Captive Portal

  • Hi,

    may already be discussed, but I did not find a topic matching my problem.

    I run a PFSense in v2.2.5 as a VM on a VMWare cluster. For detailed config, please see the attached file.
    The system hosts 4 captive portals and is used as firewall betwen the connected networks (6 Interfaces at all). Every portal is the access-control for a different WiFi-network.
    3 portals use MAC-addresses to grant access to the wifi-network, 1 portal uses vouchers to grant access.

    Number of allowed clients is increasing constantly. This makes me think if there is any maximum number of mac-address entries that can be made for one portal or for all portals together on PFSense. I just found topics discussion the maximum number of states. This is more than 200.000 at my system, so it won't bother me by now.
    But does anyone know if there is a certain number of maximum MAC-address entries?

    Same for firewall entries. Is there a maximum number of entries? Of cause I try to keep number as low as possible for performance.

    Also the network bandwith is a limitation after all. Because the PFSense is running on a VMWare-Cluster as VM it'll be possible to us a teamed NIC for the VM to increase possible bandwith.
    Actually we are not haveing problems with that.

    Would be nice if someone can give me a hint if I am running into problems with maximum number of entries.

    Thanks a lot!

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